Dr. Prachi Shah Arora's Physiotherapy Clinic & Aquatic Centre

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Address: Shah Arcade 2, Rani Sati Marg, Malad (E), Mumbai-97.

Dr. Prachi Shah Arora's Physiotherapy Clinic & Aquatic Centre

Consultation and physiotherapy rehabilitation for Sports, Ortho, pre and post-surgery cases. We believe in a holistic team approach for the better prognosis of condition of the patient and to make sure the goals are achieved.
Physiotherapy approaches focusses on thorough assessment, posture, gait and shoes evaluation to avoid any recurrence of the similar pain/discomfort/injury. Various techniques are used and clubbed together that suits the patient well. We practice mobilization, manipulations, manual therapy, cupping therapy, dry needling, aquatic therapy, taping techniques, and of course the exercise therapy by teaching self-releasing techniques so it makes you independent. Electro therapy is used depending on the severity of condition otherwise we try to avoid radiations.

Our physiotherapy is focused on muscle endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, pain management, range of motion, correct ergonomic care, vital capacity and diet of the patient. 

For Sports we have different assessments for each sport which helps us reaching the correct diagnosis. Along with 6 phases of Sports rehab, SISA protocol is also used for rehabilitation in sports injuries to ensure that an athlete is well prepared for resuming the sport at its earliest.

For Exercises please subscribe to the YouTube channel of Dr. Prachi Shah Arora.  Dr. Prachi Shah Arora

Dr. Prachi Shah Arora’s health and wellness centre also offers:-

  1. Strength and conditioning training.
  2. Therapeutic, Cupping and Sports massages.
  3. Preventive assessments.
  4. Blood group diet to make sure the metabolism functions well depending on the enzymes that are secreted by your body.
  5. Diabetes and Thyroid care.
  6. PCOD and PCOS care.
  7. Weight loss and body toning.
  8. Women health care.
  9. Blood tests.
  10. Ergonomic interior consultations.
  11. X ray scans at home service.

Home Services Aquatics

Massage Services

Massages are provided by qualified and experienced masseuse and masseur at Dr. Prachi Shah Arora’s centre within guidance of physiotherapist. There are various forms of massages available at the Centre.

  1. Sports massageis what an athlete or a person who exercises 3 days a week should look for once in a month. Massage Therapist releases tight fascia, superficial and deep knots as well as stretches all major muscles. This massage helps in enhancing performance and prevent any overuse injuries.
  2. Trigger release massagefor the ones who travel a lot. Masseuse will release the trigger points around the body and will give acupressure points.
  3. Deep tissue massageThis massage is done to release deep fascia. Fascia is layer that runs throughout the body. It is a soft tissue layer that lies under skin and above muscle. Daily routine makes it tight which then causes pulling pain throughout the body. Range of movement is increased when the fascia is released.
  4. Flushing People who have lot of swelling, edema, varicose veins and are sensitive to any pressure should opt for this massage. Massage is done in a particular direction to reduce swelling and is very gentle.
  5. Water massagesJets and Jacuzzi massages are given to release trigger points, fascia and reduce swelling without causing any pain with the pressure. it is given in warm water without any additional minerals added to it.