Dr. Prachi Shah Arora's Physiotherapy Clinic & Aquatic Centre

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Address: Shah Arcade 2, Rani Sati Marg, Malad (E), Mumbai-97.

Dr. Prachi Shah Arora's Physiotherapy Clinic & Aquatic Centre


Dr. Prachi Shah Arora is practicing physiotherapy for more than a decade and has seen over 50,000 patients. She holds the experience of working with international athletes, Olympian swimmer, sports institute, long distance runners, iron man, body builders, Bollywood celebs, sports movies. In her more than a decade experience, she and her team has worked upon complicated cases where correct diagnosis was challenging and they have achieved success by achieving the goals of the patient. 

She is associated with Swimming Federation of India and has worked with K11 school of fitness sciences, SportsMed, Heal, Asian Heart hospital, Cooper Hospital, Parsi General Hospital, Elite fitness and so. In her career path she has also taught for 5 years in various physiotherapy institutes, colleges and universities. 

She did many surveys and research work and developed her own aquatic exercises. She won an award in 2nd International Physical therapy conference for her article on Aquatic therapy versus land therapy in swimmer’s shoulder condition. Article even has got published in a journal of Human Biology. She has done a 2-year research work on aquatic dumbbells and hold the patent for the same which she was the 1st only manufacturer in India and use to export internationally. 2019 she did consultation and sports assessment for 18 FINA sponsored Olympian swimmers from different nations.

Article on Swimmer Shoulder

She has earned her name as mermaid of physiotherapy in BPN conference and she has received an award for Best Sports Physio Rehab centre of India 2019 at FEA because of its unique designed and 1st of its own creation in India; as an automated underwater submerged treadmill that has a speed of 21 km/hr which runs four directional. She is known after then for consulting interior designs for a physiotherapy set ups. She was awarded in ATP that held in 2014 as a youngest best sports physio and her interview was published for the same by Times of India newspaper and DNA paper.