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Dr. Prachi Shah Arora's Physiotherapy Clinic & Aquatic Centre

“It was literally a war we were fighting. Everyday, every minute, against time against my physical limitations, against covid and against THE injury I contracted. Thank you so much Prachi! For the faith and confidence you had in me and for making me feel that nothing is impossible! For being more confident than I was after my injury that I can bounce back and be even better and stronger than I was before.”

Taapsee Pannu

I have been going to Dr. Prachi for my knee treatment since a month and a half. She is one of the finest Physiotherapist one can have who is very good at diagnosing even the minutest details. Their approach over healing is remarkable. The clinic is very well equipped and has advance treatments with a personalized touch. The whole staff is very supportive. My body felt very energised after the session. She is a wonderful person and thanks a ton. May you be blessed with loads of success so you can heal many more ahead.

Neha Shah

Perfection beyond imagination. I am from Delhi, I visited Dr. Prachi for a month for my son’s therapy. I am more than satisfied with the results and I have been to top physiotherapy centres in Delhi but there is no match to Dr. Prachi. Her skills, methods and behavior are absolutely matchless. It is hard to believe that expertise can be achieved to such a level. She is the best therapist I have seen or heard of. My son recovered and developed so good and so fast. He achieved the goals in 3 weeks which he could not in a long time. All thanks to Dr. Prachi and her team. It was my greatest luck that I came to know about Dr. Prachi and took my son to her.

Anurag Agarwal

As a fitness enthusiast u tend to get injured sometimes in your journey … with such similar situation i went to Prachi after consulting doctors who had put on pain killers and have asked me to stop something that i love to do… “exercising”.
With great knowledge , Prachi has a very positive approach and will never demoralize you … she has a true sportsman spirit and that’s what u want in the person who u look up to for treating u!
My problems all fixed without any pill!
All thanks to her !!

Devika Tavri

Definitely the best physiotherapist i have ever met who possesses probably all the knowledge required to carry out the job. My shoulder injury which wasn’t getting cured since last 3 months, got fine within 2 sessions with her. Really thankful to her and her team.

Ankur Gupta – Tennis and squash player

Very knowledgeable physio. Helped Indian swimming team to achieve well in a very short period given.

SAJAN PRAKASH – Olympic Swimmer

“The team here is incredible – I’ve had the most positive experiences here. I had a back problem for nearly 18 years before Dr Prachi diagnosed me, and then I was all fixed up in about 16 months. And it has stayed that way.
They are not magicians – you have to do the work, but these people are amazing at supporting one through the recovery. For me, the best part of this process was their own positive attitude – there is nothing impossible (according to them!) and that’s music to anyone who has been told by doctors that they can’t do things. Amazing experience”.


I visited Dr. Prachi’s clinic for my mother diagnosed with left side scoliosis. She was in extreme pain before and the first visit itself was very helpful. We were under an impression that the treatment might require a year or two. Rather she’s free from any pain or discomfort within a month. I will highly suggest Dr. Prachi Shah Arora. She’s a wonderful person, humble nature and extremely knowledgeable physiotherapist.


I went to Prachi’s fitness studio during my pregnancy, and she made sure I stayed heathy and fit. And now, post-delivery.. I got back in shape in less than two months…

Dr. Prachi is one of the best Physiotherapist in town. With a very friendly staff and a positive environment. I was suffering from severe back pain and was on bed rest since 2 months. I fully recovered in a month and I am now able to do all the household work . The way she and her team examine the patients and goes with each and every details of it, is well appreciated. After knowing the history of the patient, she explains the problem in detail and also the process of recovery. Before visiting the clinic, my other doctors recommended me to go for an operation but Dr. Prachi did save me from that by her exercises and positive attitude.
Dr. Prachi and her team really put in lot of effort in each and every session. Thank You Soo Muchh. More than a doctor, she is like a friend and is very humble.
God will bless you with loads of Success. I will highly recommend Dr. Prachi Shah Arora as she is the best and extremely knowledgeable Physiotherapist any one could ever have.

Thanks alot doctor. During the first assessment itself I knew she could help me because I was always told I have a disc problem whereas Doctor prachi told me its SI joint dysfunction. The hips disalignment was really holding me back in daily life. And I actually felt the initial problem in my hips when i first got spasm which lead to lower back issues. I tried my best to follow your guidance and am amazed with the results. I have never been completely pain free like this since 5 years. I owe you alot. Thanks keep up the awesome job you are doing. I can spend happier days with family n friends thanks to you.

Dr Prachi and team are thorough professionals. Unlike other physiotherapists who directly jump to 

conclusions, commence treatment and call it off, this team evaluates you thoroughly. Asks your problems and disability in detail. And then explain you threadbare about the problem’s why and how. And then the treatment embarks. The effect is evident in the first sitting itself. Believe me these guys know their stuff and they know it well!!
My personal experience here has been fantastic. Special thanks to Dr Prachi for her eye for the minutest details to bring out the greatest change in you.
It is a tradition at the clinic to write what you wish for by the completion of the treatment, and more often than not one catches up with the aim and even goes beyond.. Atleast I did for sure!!
If you are reading this comment then you’re surely looking for a good physiotherapist seriously, and my suggestion is keep cool and go ahead for Dr Prachi’s clinic without any second thought.. Benefits are guaranteed!!

I suffered from injury in march. After consulting family orthopaedic there was no change in pain, there after consulting a specialist in a multispecialty hospital and taking treatment for 2 months there was no change even after having medicines for 3 months at a stretch, finally I consulted this Physiotherapists and my pain was gone completely by just doing simple exercise for a month. Good follow up, dedicated staff, all instructions in writing, not a single appointment was rescheduled or late.

Did my rehab after a tibia break . It went well. Got me back to sport in no time .

“I reached out to Dr Prachi with a terrible thoracic spine pain which had occurred after a long 3 month bed rest. Due to complete immobility I had become really weak. That’s when I went through physio and aqua sessions at Dr Prachi’s clinic. She has been a great support and guide, with her expertise and understanding of the issue she has been able to make me as fit as before. Therefore I highly recommend anyone reaching out for an expert physiotherapist to single mindedly consider Dr Prachi.”

“I have been there for by fat loss programme and Dr.Prachi’s diet i had no cravings left for my cheat day and at the same time , achieved the required fat percentage at the end of the sessions. Also, she pushed to do different types of exercises such as aqua fitness which is surprisingly quite effective. Other staffs at the clinic are also very helpful and kind.”

I had come to Dr Prachi with a painful knee problem. I had an uphill marathon coming up of 21km which wouldn’t have been possible to run without the help of Dr Prachi. She had a complete knowledge of the problem and guided me with the perfect solution and the right exercises which made me possible to run. Just a few sessions with her and i was totally pain free and was able to complete my uphill half marathon without any pain. So to all those athletes and runners out there, if you’re going through any problem related to your joints or your body pains, Dr Prachi will solve it. And also, they’re really adjustable with the timings of the clients which makes us very comfortable to work with.”

Thanks a lot Dr Prachi.

Before joining I had been suffering from acute pain, depression and over weight. After joining I have lost 6kgs, and have been relived of the pain. Dr. Prachi’s diet plan has worked really well for me and the aqua center is the reason I can walk properly. The doctors had suggested knee surgery but now I don’t think I need one.

I went with a ligament injury in my ankle and got one of the best physio treatment. Doctor patiently listened to all my concerns and explained all my questions . She and her team were very thorough with the treatment and sessions were very helpful for my quick healing. Also very friendly staff and were always motivating . Aqua sessions were my personal favourite,kudos 👍

Dr. Prachi, what to tell about her… She is the best physiotherapist. I was just an ordinary patient to her. But Dr. Prachi and her team take care of you in such a way that you are the most important person to them just like a family. If every doctor strives to be as caring and generous as you, the world would be filled with Smiles and laughter instead of Pain & Sorrow. More than a doctor. She is a Great human being. “I would like to thank you for the excellent care & treatment i received at your clinic.”

Went to Dr. Prachi Shah Arora in May 2019 for a lower back strain, which was bothering me. She & her team of doctors are really amazing. They analyzed me thoroughly. No other physio has ever done such a thorough analysis of my body previously.

The foam rolling, stretching & strengthening exercises that they taught me were fantastic. They really put in lot of thought & effort into my sessions with them. The 4 Aqua sessions I did with them were superb as well.

I have recovered well & I have re-started my marathon training now. During the final analysis session, Dr. Prachi wished me that I can now aim to run the Boston Marathon someday. I’m now positive about this long term dream of mine.

I recommend Dr. Prachi Shah Arora to all those who have nagging pains & aches, especially in your back or neck areas & also sports related pains or injuries.

Foam roller method to prevent injuries and maintain muscles conditioning session conducted by Dr.Prachi was fantastic and very insightful. This definitely helped me and my Xtreme Members.

Raj Vadgama  – An elite ultramarathon runner , represents India.

Dr Prachi is excellent in her diagnosis and treatment. She along with her team of therapists are excellent in what they do and that is getting you out of your pain and raring to go. Thank you Prachi and Yashvee, you both worked wonders in 2 weeks 😀😀 and I could travel with no pain.

Dr. Prachi, You DIAGNOSED me and then set about curing the cause. Your examination was the most thorough I have received and I was grateful for a diagnosis – finally.

3 months on, I am 70% there – not bad given how chronic my situation was. Most importantly, the progress is finally sustained which means we (sorry, you) have gotten to the cause…

Several times I have been in tears due to my inability to be properly functional. It is remarkable how chronic pain can affect one psychologically. I used to be really miserable because I was not able to move my leg much nor walk properly.
That is not the case any more (thank God).

You and your team were the first to look at my situation as an individual one. Almost everyone else just followed a tried and tested treatment route. That “one size fits all” just DOES NOT work and it is so hard to tell who is a good Clinician and who is not.

I was lucky to finally find you. Things were explained in a much more comprehensive but understandable way.

I don’t want to forget Dr. Yashvee, She was incredibly approachable which definitely made me feel more positive, relaxed and extremely effective about my recovery And Dr. Snehal (who took care in Dr. Yashvee’s absence) in your practice who looked after me in my treatments. She too is a Godsend. Caring, focused on the person.

All the other physiotherapists and office staff, all provide a very personal service and seem to ensure that the atmosphere is calming, professional and friendly. Everyone there is so humble. Thank you.