Dr. Prachi Shah Arora's Physiotherapy Clinic & Aquatic Centre

Email: aquaphysioprachi@gmail.com
Phone:+91 9920146757 / 7400084286

Address: Shah Arcade 2, Rani Sati Marg, Malad (E), Mumbai-97.

Dr. Prachi Shah Arora's Physiotherapy Clinic & Aquatic Centre

Is appointment required to visit the centre.?

Yes appointment is must to avoid waiting period and making sure of therapist/masseuse availability.

What shall I expect during consultation?

Your all reports and scans will be evaluated. So do not forget to carry them along. Consultation with start with taking your entire medical history relevant to the complain that you mention in the consent form. You will go through an assessment and evaluation which will ask for your present condition of pain or disorder or discomfort. There will be functional assessment along with posture, gait, muscle strength testing and special tests practically possible which is non-invasive, done manually to check how healthy your joints are. Doctor will also check your available range for that particular joint or area. End of the treatment a thorough explanation will be given about how do we go further with the sessions and what form of treatment will be chosen for you. Suitable ergonomics related to the problem will be explained to you for your wellbeing. If you are visiting from outstation only for the consultation, then we will try to connect you to the physios around your area and guide you accordingly by suggesting the best treatment you should go ahead with.

Will Video consultations help diagnosing my problem?

Yes, definitely it will. We will be doing assessment in the same way as we do in the clinic.

How are video consultations/follow ups done.?

You need to book a prior appointment and prepay. Consent form has to be filled online. We then share a zoom link or over a gmail hangout call video sessions are done.

How much time does each session take?

All our physiotherapy sessions lasts for 40-45 minutes. Sports and strength/ conditioning sessions lasts for 40-50 minutes. Therapeutic massage sessions last for 75 minutes. Sports massage sessions is for 90 minutes. Aqua sessions last for 40 minutes.

Do you use machines / modalities?

Yes, we do only when it is essential for better prognosis. We use ultrasound, TENS, IFT, Russian currents, Faradic and Interrupted galvanic currents, Massage guns and muscle stimulators.

Do you provide receipt for reimbursement?

Yes, we do for the physiotherapy services at the centre or home visit.

Do we provide home visit services?

Yes, we do Home Visit.

How shall I book my appointment?

Call on +91 9920 146 757 during the clinic hours. Contact Us

How do I pay for services?

Whichever way suits you. We have options of netbanking, google pay and cash.

What can I expect at my first visit?

A warm welcome at our front desk. Security will help you with parking the vehicle in our parking area. Consent form to be filled up and evaluation for physiotherapy/ fitness/ massage with the respective therapist shall begin. Post session health tips or guidelines will be directed to you for further sessions. If you want our front desk can help you with a clinic tour. Click Here