Dr. Prachi Shah Arora's Physiotherapy Clinic & Aquatic Centre

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Dr. Prachi Shah Arora's Physiotherapy Clinic & Aquatic Centre

We use dry cupping procedure which is sterile way to practice. We use this method to release pressure off from soft tissues underneath joints. This method helps to reduce pain and in enhancement of performance.

•Cupping is commonly practiced in Asia, Africa and Far Eastern countries. In Europe, it has also become an alternative treatment in recent years.

•Cupping is especially used for the treatment of chronic coughs and lung diseases, hypertension (high blood pressure), stomach problems and ulcers, renal (kidney) disease, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, withdrawal, insomnia, psychological conditions and nervousness, excessive sleep, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, rheumatoid arthritis and severe headaches (migraine).

•This technique is said to promote blood circulation, remove stasis and alleviate swelling and pain.