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Dr. Prachi Shah Arora's Physiotherapy Clinic & Aquatic Centre

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Aqua Mat

We have made a specialize mat which floats on water and is 5-6 kgs in weight but can bear weight of an individual of 120kgs. This mat makes work easy for doing aquatic therapy. It can also be used to challenge core muscles and to rest on top of it. Kids enjoy it as fun more to jump from it in the pool. It has no such hooks or wires which can harm any part of the body. The best feature of this mat is its non- inflating solidness and quick dry foam. It can be used anywhere like swimming pools, lake, ponds or sea water.

Aqua mat is build of foam which is eco-friendly and light to carry. It can be stored at any place. There is no fear of it getting burst or poked as it is completely non-inflatable. It can be used for various purposes like for a person to sit on it, lie down and relax over it, aqua fitness, aquatic therapy, for small kids to play over it under guidance, etc.