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Core muscles are pillars of your body. Original form of pilates are done with mat which helps you to build up core muscles. Pilates are helpful in preventing back pain. Pilates tone your body well.

When it comes to Pilates, always listen to your body, if something hurts then you’re definitely doing something wrong. You should never feel pain while doing Pilates.

Pilates is a form where you engage your core muscles which include abdominals, back, pelvic floor and butt muscles. It is basically done to strengthen the pillar of your body. It’s original form is mat pilates which is then used along with variety of props such as ball, ring, resistance band, cables, etc.
* Fundamentals of Pilates: Concentration, control, precision, breathing and flow are some of the fundamentals of Pilates. Always practice control and never use momentum.
* Precision: One of the most important principles of Pilates is that ‘practice makes it perfect’. Proper form is essential to gain the most from the Pilates exercises.
* Always start with the basics of Pilates: The basics are the foundations of Pilates. Never hesitate on going back to the basics even if you’ve reached your advanced levels.
* Always listen to your body: If something hurts then you’re definitely doing something wrong – you should never feel pain while doing Pilates.
* Have your form corrected from time to time: Pilates when done correctly offers major fitness benefits like spinal mobility, better posture, flexibility and body awareness.
* Maintain your neutral spine curvature wherever required.