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Whenever a muscle undergoes a cut that particular muscle weakens. Tissues around that cut becomes tight. In certain cases, surgery is must and advisable. One shouldn’t avoid it when it is necessary but should undergo pre operative exercises so he/she can get better sooner with a speedy recovery to muscles and joints. Hence during planned operative procedures doctors advised for pre-op exercises. For an example, it’s like a thin cotton thread if cut into two pieces will break again even after putting knot to it but if you compare it with many threads of cotton binded together it will be difficult to break it. Likely we need to make muscle strong enough so it can gain it’s endurance and strength sooner post surgery. Every patient going for same surgery doesn’t have to follow same exercises. Exercises prescribed by us are tailor made. We construct and teach you exercises depending on your posture, gait, muscle flexibility, strength and endurance.
Our post op rehab focusses on all aspects of body as it is not only hand surgery or not only knee or ankle surgery. We understand that when one of the body part undergoes surgery, strength and endurance training is required for an entire body and not only that particular joint or muscle. Hence looking on the goals of an individual  we prescribed the exercises accordingly. We also co-ordinate with your surgeon and provide them your assessment, progress and discharge report. So we make a point that you are fitter than before.