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Therapists use the water and specifically designed activities to enhance, restore, and maintain a person’s functional abilities. Aquatic therapy is being practiced worldwide as an advance therapy to heal patients earlier. There are various approaches like Burdenko method, Halliwick therapy and Bad Ragaz Ring method.

Dr. Prachi Shah Arora’s Physiotherapy clinic and Aquatic centre has an indoor temperature controlled chlorine free pool with customized underwater treadmill with speed from 1.5km/hr to 21km/hr forward as well as backward directional. This underwater treadmill also calculates total calories burnt during walking or running over it. It is used for multiple cases rehabilitation. There are jets and jacuzzi for various forms of training as well as recreational purpose. Ventilation, hygiene and confidentiality is well maintained in here.

This aquatic therapy pool is used for various purposes: –

  • Aqua aerobics
  • Aqua fitness
  • Aquatic therapy for neuro, ortho, paediatric, geriatric, pre-natal and sports cases
  • Ai Chi
  • Watsu
  • Aqua yoga
  • Aquathon
  • Aquatic workshops and researches.

AQUATIC ASSESSMENT is taken separately depending on the type of case, goals and technique to be done.

Aquatic Therapy

Benefits of the Aquatic therapy:-

  1. No stress on joints.
  2. Fall prevention, hence no risk of injury or fractures.
  3. Osteoarthritis pain relief.
  4. Treats Osteopenia.
  5. Stress free exercises.
  6. Increased muscle flexibility & joint range of motion.
  7. Core strengthening
  8. Improves balance & co-ordination
  9. Reduces swelling, decreases water retention in body
  10. Body Fat loss
  11. Joint protection
  12. Full body conditioning
  13. No experience or swimming skills necessary.
  14. Higher resistance than land & painless therapy.
  15. Environment friendly & fun workout with exercises.
  16. Time saver as strengthening, stretching, body toning and conditioning of vital capacity along with muscle endurance happens at the same time.
  17. Posture correction
  18. Increases blood circulation throughout the body


Benefits of Watsu

  • It relieves stress.
  • Relaxes the muscle
  • Supports the spine
  • Increases range of movement and flexibility
  • Stimulates body natural metabolism
  • Opens up energy flow
  • Reduces pain.
  • Passive meditation in water.
  • Blissful feeling of positivity.

Ai Chi

Benefits of Ai Chi: –

  • strengthens your core muscles
  • improves balance and co-ordination
  • solves breathing issues
  • enhances focus and concentration
  • helps in achieving mental peace and physical strength with a flexible well balanced body
  • can be done in pregnancy as a pre-natal care
  • helps in vestibular rehab


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